My People, On a Serious Note

I Remember Her

I don’t always understand life and why things turn out the way they do…

I went for a walk today. I try to do this each day, mainly to get my head cleared and to get out of my flat. My mind is constantly swarming with thoughts, and walking time is when I give the wind a chance to blow them out of my head. I want to make it clear that I stroll. No power walking for me. Continue reading

On a Serious Note

You Can’t Take a Picture

Life after death sucks. That’s what I’ve learned in the last few weeks after my father’s death. It sucks, especially when the person’s death leaves you with unanswered questions that you need to concern yourself with.

As I said before, people haven’t really had the best way of supporting us in this time. What irked me even more than this was all the vultures who called themselves friends of my father’s: they were all too ready to pounce onto his belongings not even 24 hours after his death. A nice example of this was his best friend who, when my mom gave him the keys to go and feed the cat, took it upon himself to take some of my father’s electronics “because they could get stolen”. He was also very quick to add that he wanted to buy the expensive camera and binoculars (probably at a quarter of the price). My mom told him to bring the stuff to her flat. Continue reading