Goodbye 24: What I’ve Learned

It’s that time of year again. I’m 25.

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On a Serious Note

The River

When I was a child I grew up by the River Lea. There was something in the water, now that something’s in me. You know I can’t go back, but the reeds are growing out of my fingertips…” ~ Adele

I’ve always regarded water as a fascinating resource. So beautiful, soft, and gentle, yet also so powerful and dangerous.

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(I wrote this blog post more than a month ago, but with everything that happened I kept postponing it.)

The other day, while I was busy with one of my Facebook binges, I came across one of those name test things that look at your profile and give you some sort of witty answer. This one was a bit different. It showed you how you have changed over the last five years. Of course I clicked in it and it generated a result. In that moment I realized something:

I’ve changed. A lot.

A while ago I came across the term ‘Quarter Life Crisis’. It’s legit, you can check it out on Wikipedia.

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