Goodbye 24: What I’ve Learned

It’s that time of year again. I’m 25.

Wow. What a fuck up this year has been. Continue reading

My People, On a Serious Note

I Remember Her

I don’t always understand life and why things turn out the way they do…

I went for a walk today. I try to do this each day, mainly to get my head cleared and to get out of my flat. My mind is constantly swarming with thoughts, and walking time is when I give the wind a chance to blow them out of my head. I want to make it clear that I stroll. No power walking for me. Continue reading

Gay Stuff, Rambling

He Doesn’t Have To Like You

Online dating is the work of the devil.

I haven’t been blogging much, because I don’t really have anything to say. Okay, this isn’t completely true. I have about 6 blog posts that I never ended up posting or finishing because they were shit.

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15 Jaar Plesierig

Gewoonlik as ek in Afrikaans skryf is dit oor iets gewigtig. Nie hierdie keer nie. Dink ek.

So twee maande terug was ek heel aangenaam verras toe ‘n gedig wat ek geskryf het derde geplaas het in ‘n ATKV kompetisie. In totaal het byna 5000 mense ingeskryf, so ek het nie regtig gedink dat ek ‘n kans staan nie. Continue reading