Because This Makes Me ANGRY, Rambling

Bring That (Classy) Booty Back!

I wasn’t really planning on writing a post today, but now I feel like writing one, because I feel like bitching and moaning. This horrible December heat is getting on my nerves and it just makes me want to kick everything. Anyway…

The other day I was on Twitter (as usual) and I saw something. It was a picture of a really curvy woman. Not the kind that you would see in the media these days, no. She would be considered “too heavy”. But then I saw something that I found very interesting. A few decades ago, that picture was used to depict the ideal body.

The perfect body, as described by Time Magazine in 1955.

The perfect body, as described by Time Magazine in 1955.

And then I punched a hole in the wall.

Okay, not really. The walls are made of bricks, so it would be kind of stupid to punch them. But I wanted to. Because this is OUTRAGEOUS! What happened to having meat on your bones and not fainting because you didn’t have lunch?

Now, I know that there is a change coming along in the industry. I think it started with Megan Trainor’s “All About That Bass”. People are seemingly starting to tire of the stick figure body types, but not necessarily in the right way. Yes, I’m talking about Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian, shoving their naked, oiled up asses in our faces. Sure, they aren’t anorexic (by far), but this culture of having to whore yourself out to get somewhere is getting out of hand. There is nothing wrong with being sexy, but when you take it to that level you start becoming ridiculous. Men aren’t looking at those pictures and saying, Oh wow, look at those strong, independent women. No, they are thinking: Look at that easy lay. I’ll make her scream when I get her on her back!


It’s not only something that happens to women. I know that my career probably would be much better off if I had a six pack. Since 2012, I have lost 15kg, and people treat me much differently now. Why? Because skinny people have it easier in that regard. I’m glad that I lost the weight, because I feel more comfortable with myself now, but you need to understand that I did it for myself. Exercise is good for me specifically because it helps me fight depression. If I do happen to get it right to get a six pack somewhere in the future, that’ll be nice, but once again it will be for myself. Because I’m more than a piece of meat. I’m talented and I have a brain. I’ve given up on being the pretty boy, because I wasn’t meant to be that. I was meant to be more than that, and so were you.


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